Ignoring the 10%

Browser support and cross-browser testing is a tricky subject. As a veteran of the browser wars I’ve seen a number of browsers dominate for a while then tail off as a new generation invariably comes through. In each generation we as web developers look to be in a better place but are always seem to […]

Non Native Form Controls

Been a while since I did a blog post, been probably the busiest I have ever been over the past 3 months, but I have been a bit disappointed that I have let my blog suffer as a result. Continuing in a slightly negative vein I’d like to post about something that as a developer […]

Google Provide Fix for HTML Video Woes?

Last week was Google’s IO conference where the internet giant got to showcase some of what it has been working on recently. One of the biggest announcements in my opinion was the WebM project which could have far reaching waves in the open web. The debate over video has been quietly raging for the past […]