Ignoring the 10%

Browser support and cross-browser testing is a tricky subject. As a veteran of the browser wars I’ve seen a number of browsers dominate for a while then tail off as a new generation invariably comes through. In each generation we as web developers look to be in a better place but are always seem to be held back by the legacy of previous generations.

Back in the early 2000’s there were basically two browsers of note (I am deliberately generalising here and am well aware there were more than two browsers) IE6 and Netscape, roughly speaking it was a 90/10 split. IE6 was the ground breaking browser, way better then Netscape, and it was believe me. As a developer you spent most of your time developing to IE6 well aware of the fact it probably broke a bit in Netscape. Never a comfortable situation but it did allow you to take advantage of the better features in IE6 which seemed a good compromise.

Fast forward a few years and the next chapter in the browser wars, the standards movement. Raising Microsoft out of their slumber it pushed the web forward, IE7 was awful, IE6 the bane of developers lives with IE8 and Firefox the leading lights. It was bad for a few years but we moved forward, slowly but surely we started leaving behind IE6, sure there was still 10% of people using it but sacrificing these users for the good of the 90% was acceptable.

And now we are in modern times, Chrome has emerged as the new darling of browsers, IE9/10 makes it again one of the contenders, Firefox is still in the mix and everywhere mobile is the new must support platform. And then there is IE8… Yep you guessed it, representing about 10% of your users.

Given the importance being placed on mobile as a platform, and the fact that most mobile/tablet computers have fairly good support for modern standards is it time to sacrifice the 10% again. Some big sites and big players such as Google have already signalled the end of IE8, is it time for this to become the norm? IE8 usage will only drop and mobile looks set to increase, in my eyes the time is now…

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