AB Development Site Launch

Today sees the launch of my own site AB Development. It has officially been in development from start to finish for the last month on and off. Its nothing complicated and shouldn’t have taken me so long to develop but what I can say is that the site is mine, designed and built from the ground up.

Its certainly not the most creatively inspiring piece of work but its not meant to be, it is designed for function not to create an experience. I’ve been using, where appropriate, a lot of what I have been experimenting with over the past year in this blog. It is specifically built not to act the same in all browsers, I’m not interested in breaking my back making it look exactly the same in all browsers. I have used a lot of progressive enhancement to make it look better in browsers with better CSS support, but not look too bad in other browsers either.

What have I used?

  • A HTML5 doctype, the site isn’t necessarily HTML5 but I needed a doctype to trigger standards mode and the HTML5 doctype is as good as any.
  • Reset v2.0, recently released by Eric Meyer, again in keeping with the HTML5 doctype.
  • A grid system, more specifically I have used the 960 grid system as the basis for the design
  • CSS3 has been liberally applied to produced the alpha transparency effects, rounded corners and text shadows. Don’t have a browser which supports CSS3, well there are fallbacks in place for these browsers courtesy of CSS3 please!
  • JQuery has been used, with a few plugins for the menu, and scroll behaviour, and the also the form submits via AJAX.
  • Twitter feed uses the widget provided by twitter in their resource site, it was customised using CSS

I haven’t fully tested the site in all browsers, but have looked at it in IE6, 7 and 8. Unsurprisingly there were a number of bugs found and surprisingly they were easy to fix to the extent where the site was both functional and visually stable. There is probably more work to do here. Similarly I haven’t provided a fallback mechanism for the form as yet, so if you don’t have <a href="http://trpdsaya.tumblr.com/post/3482973219/i-wonder-if-this-site-will-degrade-gracefully-if-i" onclick="_gaq.push(['_trackEvent', 'outbound-article', 'http://trpdsaya.tumblr dig this.com/post/3482973219/i-wonder-if-this-site-will-degrade-gracefully-if-i’, ‘javascript enabled’]);” target=”_blank”>javascript enabled you can’t submit the form as yet. No doubt these little additions will be dealt with over time.Movie Fifty Shades Darker (2017)

In the immortal words of Neil Crookes, abdevelopment.co.uk CHECK IT OUT!

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  1. Hi mate, your development rocks.
    How did you fixed the IE png transparency problem with the fading div of the sliding menu?

    Nice work!

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