The iPad Revolution

OK I may have got it wrong, there I said it. When Apple announced its latest much anticipated tablet form device or iPad back in January my immediate reaction was that its primary function was flawed. Lack of Flash support in the device practically doomed it to failure, simply because I saw its primary function as a device to surf the net. As almost all video content on the web is available in FLV format browsing the internet would become a frustrating affair.

This device will be revolutionary, really? A PC in tablet form has been around for ages, netbooks are great for surfing the web, what makes this device so revolutionary? Well it could just turn out that this device is revolutionary, a game changer in fact, and no I’m not talking about the device itself. I’m talking about the effect it could have on the open web. It may just give site operators the push they need to embrace open video. Take a look at this list of sites that are now iPad friendly. Sure its not massive in the context of the billions of sites out there but its got some big names on there. Large numbers of videos available via HTML5 <video> tags, beautiful, thats a revolution I can get behind!

Well perhaps not, all these videos will be based on the H.264 codec which isn’t exactly open. Every silver lining has a cloud. However its definitely a step in the right direction, and who knows if H.264 wins the open video format war all browser vendors may unite behind it and the patents that encumber H.264 may not be an issue afterall.

Does this mean I will be rushing out to buy an iPad? No, I still think its an overhyped and overpriced product. I’ll leave the revolution to others out there best generic viagra. Who knows if I ever get my hands on one I could make an informed decision instead of the zero experience I have to go on at the moment.

It does look shiny tho…

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  1. You make a very good point.

    “iPad ready” web sites. They really are cheeky (/audacious) buggers aren’t they?


    This post from IE blog has an interesting, sensible take on why H264 may in fact be a good choice for HTML5 video, not despite, but because of the patent. The gist of Microsoft’s argument is that H264 may be protected by patent, but its license is well established and broadly available, unlike many other codecs, which whilst “open” suffer from a “lack of clarity with respect to legal rights”.

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