2010 a review

Well 2010 has certainly been a different year, one of unprecedented personal change but ultimately has to go down as a successful one. In September I became a dad which is by far the biggest challenge I have ever faced, but also the most rewarding. As if this wasn’t enough change I have also left […]

When Internet Mobs Attack

A few years ago when I read Clay Shirky’s Here Comes Everybody I remember thinking wow that’s pretty neat. Reading stories of how ordinary citizens could leverage the collective power of the internet to right wrongs, the power of one could explode exponentially through friends of friends. The little man suddenly had a voice. But […]

2 minute silence

Its not often I see a piece of marketing and think genius, but that is exactly what I thought when I found out about The Royal British Legion’s 2 minute silence single. Anyone who resides in this country should be grateful to those who have kept us a free country over countless years. Remembrance Sunday […]

Deleting files owned by apache in bash using sudo

When I started this blog one request I had from @neilcrookes was to share a few tidbits in the world of system administration. Let me caveat this straightaway I’m definitely no sys admin, but over the years I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks which help us developers do common tasks on a web […]

Apple’s social network for music – Ping

Last night at Apple’s Fall event they had the usual slew of product updates. An iPod is now apparently an iPhone without the ability to make calls, unless of course you count FaceTime as the ability to make a call? All very nice updates to their always sparkling, if a little expensive, product range. All […]

Apps drive us to tiers

Some issues we face in developments are hard. The internet has a myriad of component parts that we have the unenviable task of cobbling together into what the end user sees. Given that there are so many layers between a user firing up a browser or interface, frontend, backend, database, server, network etc troubleshooting can […]